Farm Details

Farm Type : Soybean Farm

Single investment: NGN 100,000

Farming Cycle: 6 months

ROI: 18%

Farm Location: Oyo State, Nigeria

Short Description:

Farming duration is 6 months and you earn 18%  Returns on your investment.

Insurance from NAIC covers the farm.


Single investment: N100,000
Location: Oyo State, Nigeria
Farm cycle : 6  months
ROI: 18% in 6 months


Investment covers:
1. Land Lease
2. Labour work
3. Seeds
4. Fertilizer
5. Insurance
6. Labour
7. Planting & Harvesting


Farm commences July 1.

Farm Tenor: July 1, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019

400 Units available

Long Description:

Soybean crop is undoubtedly of a great economic and social importance worldwide. Soybean provides about 64 percent of the world’s oilseed meal supply and is the major source of oil, accounting for about 28 percent of total production (USDA, 2000).

Soybean meal is a highly demanded product worldwide. A continuous increase in the production, exports, imports and consumption of soybean meal has been observed each year. The world production and consumption of soybean oil has had the same trend in the last years.