Farm Details

Farm Type : Cattle Farm

Single investment: NGN 100,000

Farming Cycle: 8 months

ROI: 25%

Farm Location: Oyo State, Nigeria

Short Description:

Farming duration is 8 months and you earn 25%  Returns on your investment.

Insurance from NAIC covers the farm.


Number of units available: 400
Single investment: N100,000
Location: Oyo State, Nigeria
Farm cycle : 8  months
ROI: 25% in 8 months


Investment covers:
1. Pen rent and all pen logistics
2. DOC purchase
3. Feeding
4. Vaccination
5. Medication
6. Consultant visit
7. Insurance
8. Labour
9. Transportation

Long Description:

While millions of Nigerian households are engaged in the primary production of livestock, the large national herd of cattle, sheep and goat is unable to meet the domestic demand for red meat. As a consequence, and be-cause of a ban and meat imports, Nigeria is the destination of a major informal regional trade in animals that stretches from Senegal to Sudan. There are no livestock or meat exports from Nigeria due to the growing domestic demand, a situation that is not expected to change within the next 10-20 years.