Farm Details

Farm Type : Fish Farm

Single investment: NGN 52000

Farming Cycle: 9 months

ROI: 27%

Farm Location: Oyo State

Short Description:

The Fish Farm is located in Oyo State, Nigeria.  

Farming duration is 9 months and you earn 27% Returns on your investment..

This Poultry Farm is insured by NAIC.

Single investment: N52,000
Location: Oyo State, Nigeria
Farm cycle : 9 months 
ROI : 27%

Long Description:

Fish is one of the fastest growing source of animal protein in the developing world as well as the major and cheapest source of protein for the teeming population of the world. mproving the productivity of fisheries and aquaculture is vital to reducing hunger and poverty for millions in the developing world. Sustainable, productive fisheries and aquaculture improve food and nutrition security, increase income and improve livelihoods, promote economic growth and protect our environment and natural resources. A sustainable approach to fisheries and aquaculture will help to protect our natural resources and ensure that fish stocks are available for future generations. Currently, overfishing, ineffective management practices, industrial development and agricultural pollution have reduced fish stocks. While sustainable fisheries management is a challenge, solid global and regional governance of these vital resources will ensure that we can produce enough fish for everyone