Farm Details

Farm Type : Sesame Farm -- Sold out

Single investment: NGN 50000

Farming Cycle: 9 months

ROI: 27%

Farm Location: Ibadan

Short Description:

Farming duration is 9 months and you earn 27%  Returns on your investment.

Insurance from Leadway Assurance covers the farm.


Single investment: N50,000
Location: Oyo State, Nigeria
Farm cycle : 9  months
ROI: 27% in 9 months


Investment covers:
1. Land Lease
2. Labour work
3. Seeds
4. Fertilizer
5. Insurance
6. Labour
7. Planting & Harvesting


Want to make payment via Bank Transfer?

Bank Name: Zenith Bank

Account Name: Timesellers Limited

Account Number: 1016279503

Long Description:

Sesame seed, also known as Til is largely produced for its oil and is also used as a flavoring agent. The seeds come in several colours like red, white, black, yellow, depending upon the variety of the seeds. Sesame seeds have high nutritive value and are used in numerous cuisines all over the world, especially in the Middle Eastern countries. The seeds have high oil content around 55%. Sesame oil is used in cooking and in preparation of salads and also finds its use in the production of margarine, soaps, pharmaceuticals, paints and lubricants. The residue left after the extraction of oil is known as the oil seed cake which is used as cattle feed.

Major destinations for Nigeria sesame seed are China, Turkey, Japan and India. Other countries like Poland and Netherland also receive Nigerian Sesame in smaller quantities. The Middle East is beginning to be of interest and there is a high likelihood for an increase in demand from UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.