Farm Details

Farm Type : Poultry Farm

Single investment: NGN 90000

Farming Cycle: 8 months

ROI: 23%

Farm Location: Ibadan

Short Description:

The Poultry Farm is located in Oyo State, Nigeria. You can make a Single investment of 90,000. 

Farming duration is 8 months and you earn 23%  Returns on your investment.

This Poultry Farm is insured by NAIC


Single investment: N90,000
Location: Oyo State, Nigeria
Farm cycle : 8 months
ROI: 23%

Long Description:

The Nigeria poultry industry is worth 800 million USD. About one third of funds that exchange hands for chicken meat are during festivities - December ( Christmas and new year) through April (Easter). 

We want you to have your share of the profit made these seasons and also put smiles on local farmers' face.

Many of the rural farmers would want to prepare for and make sales during this period but unable to, but just like our second poultry farm project that empowered many farmers and grew our sponsors funds, we have the opportunity again for everyone.

A unit of the farm is 90,000 with 23% in 8 months. Like always, we will ensure all is done to secure your sponsored farms and also insure it.

Yelutide seasons are always about spending, this year you can earn.